Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Truths and Lies in Black and White

It was a great weekend, thanks to all of you—I was beading last night with the tv on, there was someone doing a family tree, I wasn’t really paying attention to it, but when I went to sleep I dreamt:  I was building a family tree on the table, made up of black and white beads(I have an order for b/w earrings to fill)  of all different sizes and shapes. One side was made up of the white beads, each one representing an obvious truth about myself. The other side, made up of black beads had multiple branches, each bead representing a lie I believe about myself, the black branches broke off into more tiny branches that were actually real lies, and half truths, and some truths I don’t recognize (think are lies but are truths) these unrecognized truths were in the middle reaching over to the white side. The sizes of bead represented how big the truth or lie was. Holy Shit! What are you guys doing to me!! Love it! Stephy                check out more at

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