Friday, March 22, 2013

Sacrificial Lamb

Last nights dream... I was in a castle from medieval times, with many people in many rooms, cold and dark feeling. A meeting was taking place in one of the larger rooms. A decision was made by the people in that room, there was a small beautiful boy chosen he had perfect cut short brown hair, beautiful big brown eyes and a lovely smile, about 8 years old. I was chosen with about 6 others to take him to another room. I became aware that he was going to be "sacrificed" or given to someone there to be killed. I was filled with sadness for him, but he came along willing and unknowing........ we walked him down a long,cold dark hallway......a very long walk, with much trepidation and sadness,.... we came to a large room with many older men in it, they told us they were not quite ready for him yet, so we took him with us to wait. then we walked into another very large room with maybe 200 people in it.... they were all eating Dominoes pizza... someone else took the boy with them and I was wondering if they were going to let him have pizza before he died or if they would think they were wasting it on him.....

At first I was very confused by this dream, but it came to me that I have been watching the news the last few nights and have been really upset about how many of our young men are dying in war.. 4000+ and counting since 911. The recent accident in Hawthorne NV( a town less than an hour away) where 7 young men (the oldest only 26) died when a mortar discharged in their hands.. really had me filled with sadness for these families... all the while corporate domination of our country grows and grows.. the boys are dying so the men can get fat.... sickening...

I guess I don't have a picture for this one, maybe I need to work on that..
I welcome any other interpretations of any of my dreams, would love to hear how someone else sees it!

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