Sunday, March 24, 2013

"I Can Fly"

As far back as I can remember, I have been able to fly in my dreams, always able to get out of any bad situation by just realizing I am dreaming, and flying away. I lift off lightly and go straight up, once I am up in the air I start getting a heavy feeling, and must eventually land,pulled down to earth by gravity..sometimes away from the bad guys(or situation) sometimes not, in which case, I have to take off again. Sometimes I simply fly for pleasure...but always have a limit and have to land...

a couple weeks ago I had this dream after falling asleep with Donna Hamilton's sleep series playing on my MP3

I was on the ground (in my life) in a very bad situation, fear,worry,dread,and anxiety were inundating me, I felt I just couldn't take it anymore... I realized I was dreaming, so I decided to fly, when I reached about cloud height, I felt the "ceiling" or limit I always feel.... I was not ready to come down, so I decided to pray.. I spoke out loud to God asking "Please,God, just let me fly away and never come back down, I just can't take it anymore." All of a sudden I became a ball of light and energy and took off through space ,whirling and hurdling at lightning speed. I realized "WOW" God answered me! Then I realized I didn't really want to never come back, I have a family that loves me.......while zooming through space I spoke to  God again " I didn't mean it, I DO want to be able to come back down!" Suddenly I stop traveling, I am at a still point..I look around to see the universe, I am floating.... all around me its black with millions of beautiful stars .. I realize God answered me again! I CAN go back down now, so I do, ...I feel myself go through the clouds and coming down to the ground is a completely new experience..... This time I "float" down like Mary Poppins without the umbrella. There is a wonderful feeling of lightness.. As I reach the ground my feet touch and I am saying, "I can fly as high as I want" "I am limitless" I wake up and am saying this out loud... "I can fly,I am limitless!!!!!"

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