Saturday, February 26, 2011

sat- beautiful day

last night my husband said my method of working is "spasmodic"i suppose thats true- tday is gorgeous outside and im happy to be in my studio working on my art-

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Feb.25th- first day of my blog

ok, after a year or more of struggling with the logistics of building a website, i finally have conquered the basics. i can actually upload my stuff and write the descriptions and add the buy buttons!!! It's really not that bad once i got the hang of it. of course i'd much rather be in my studio making jewelry, but then i'd have to decide whether to finish the pastel im working on or the drawing or start on a wholesale order for a wedding- YES! a wholesale order, to make 15 pieces for a wedding, is that great or what! if you gotta have problems----- much better than going to work at wal-mart!  i need to work on the front page and whole lot more , but u can see a updates to the jewelry page atwww.Stephanie Rose